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New 3-D Cover croppedShopVisiVite.com is more than a supplier of premium ocular nutritional supplements. We stay on top of the latest medical news and scientific developments. So much has changed. In 1985, all doctors could offer their macular degeneration patients was a hug. Since then the National Eye Institute's AREDS 2 research showed that a particular combination of ingredients could slow the progression of the atrophic or dry form of macular degeneration. And injections of Avastin, Lucentis and Eyelea by retinal specialists have provided millions of people the gift of sight, long beyond prior expectations.

At Shop VisiVite, we've chosen the natural approach to eye health, using top USA-suppliers' highest quality ingredients, without synthetic fillers, artificial colors, GMO, soy or gluten. Formulated by Dr. Paul Krawitz, a world-renowned clinical professor of ophthalmology, VisiVite supplements are the choice of discerning doctors and patients, with more than 50 million capsules dispensed since the company's inception in 2001.

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